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表紙・ライセンス・はじめに 表紙等
第1章 パーソナルコンピュータの基本
第2章 ネットワークの利用
第3章 情報倫理
第4章 情報検索・文献検索
第5章 データ分析入門
第6章 レポート・論文と作成支援
第7章 プレゼンテーション入門
第8章 Web パブリッシング入門
関連図書 関連図書・索引・奥付

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This is an English version of "アカデミックリテラシー(2009年度版)情報環境下での知の活用" as translated by SunFlare Co., Ltd. , and is published, as is,for the convenience of some of its potential readers. No guarantees are given regarding the accuracy of the translation by the authors,the publisher of the original Japanese version, or Waseda University Media Network Center, nor will any of these entities be held responsible for any errors and/or inaccuracies of the translation. Should there be any discrepancies between the English and the Japanese versions, the original Japanese version should be considered to reflect the ideas and opinions of the authorsand the policies advocated by Waseda University Media Network Center.
Preface Preface
Table of Contents Table of Contents
Chapter 1 PC Basics
Chapter 2 Using Networks
Chapter 3 Information Ethics
Chapter 4 Information and Bibliographical Searches
Chapter 5 Introduction to Data Analysis
Chapter 6 Basics of Report and Paper Writing
Chapter 7 Introduction to Presentation
Chapter 8 Introduction to Web Publishing



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