Institute for DECODE: Digital Enhancement of COgnitive DEvelopment

Institute for Digital Enhancement of Cognitive Development


Mission Statement

Institute for DECODE aims to tackle eveyday problems concerning utilization of computers and networks in education and learning in collabration with ICT experts, private and public sectors in the field and teachers and stuff of various educational institutions from learners points of view.

Institute for DECODE focuses its attention in the following research agenda concerning language e-learning.

Research Agenda

  1. field testing of automated speaking/listening test of English and profiling of English learners based on its scores
  2. development and validation of automated speaking/listening test of Japanese and large-scale survay of Japanese language learning based on its scores
  3. compilation of non-native learner corpus of English and Japanese
  4. research on utilization and mining of learning history embedded in e-learning environments such as WBT (web-based training) and/or CBT (computer-based testing) systems
  5. matching between text readability and reader proficiency
  6. research and development on collaborative learning utilizing the Internet

Research Outputs