Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan

Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan
  1. Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan is a friendly group of Japanese researchers working in various field of language science and engineering, with a shared interest in post-Montagovian formal sementics and serving as a forum in collaborating with researchers abroad. Research interests and approaches of each member are varied but we share the following orientation in integrating approaches in cognitive science, formal logic and computer science in the study of language faculty, language performance, language processing and language resources. As exemplifications of specific research, the following may be suggestive:
  2. Members of the Logico-Linguistic Society of Japan are expected to actively participate in and contribute the the activity of the Society.
  3. Researchers who would like to join the Society will express their interests by sending an email message to the contact person.

Activities of the Society
  1. international cooperation

current state of LLSJ
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