The Third International Workshop on Linguistics of BA

Purpose of the Workshop Series on Linguistics of BA

Context dependence in language use has been studied in a wide range of its manifestations in linguistic phenomena: from anaphora, presupposition, indexicals, personal pronouns, sentence-final particles and other modal expressions, politeness, to common-grounding, repair, register, style or framing. Descriptive concepts and analytical frameworks, such as discourse representation, conversational scoreboard, information state update, contextualization cue, and deictic field, have also been proposed to capture those phenomena in a number of different disciplines approaching language, most notably in semantics/pragmatics, sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology.

The concept of BA, taken from the Japanese word for 'place' or 'field', has been proposed by Japanese biological and social scientist to provide an abstract conceptual basis on which to capture dynamics in interactive phenomena, such as dynamic order formation in living organisms (Shimizu, 1990), or knowledge creation in business management (Nonaka & Konno, 1998).

When applied to human language use, BA concept emphasizes the significance of the place, both physically and mentally conceived, in which human interactions take place. BA simultaneously works, for the participants, to affect their construals of linguistic acts performed, and to exert normative forces to regulate their linguistic behavior choices committed in the BA. The concept of wakimae (or 'discernment') (Ide, 2006) is an example of BA-sensitive, in contrast to the more conventional face-based, conception of the underlying mechanism of linguistic politeness behaviors, which has proven to be highly successful.

The aim of this workshop series is to provide a venue for researchers who are interested in BA concept to get together to exchange their works, ideas and perspectives, both empirical and theoretical, to deepen our understanding of BA and explore its relationships to our language practices.

May 3rd, 2015
Yasuhiro Katagiri

program [tentative: subject to change without prior notice]
Day 1:
March 26th
09:45-10:05 preparations / registration desk closed
10:05-11:55 session 1: moderator Sachiko Ide
10:05-10:25 Yasuhiro KatagiriOpening Remarks
presentation slides:
10:25-11:55 William F. HanksBasho: A theory of communicative interaction
11:55-13:25 lunch and discussion / registration desk open
13:25-15:10 session 2 moderator Miwa Morishita
13:25-14:25 Norihiro SadatoShared attention and inter-individual neural synchronization in the human right inferior frontal cortex
presentation slides:
14:25-14:35 short break
14:35-15:10 Risako IdeCo-constructing personal narratives: Understanding "resonant thin laughter" from the BA perspective
presentation slides:
15:10-15:40 coffee break / registration desk open
15:40-17:30 session 3 moderator Sachiko Shudo
15:40-16:40 Jae-Woong ChoeSemantic and Pragmatic Characteristics of Korean Honorific Pronouns
presentation slides:
16:40-16:50 short break
16:50-17:30 Scott SaftExploring the Applications of Ba-theory to Hawaiian Society and Hawaiian Language Interaction
presentation slides:
17:30-17:45 break / registration desk open
17:45-18:30 poster session moderator Yasunari Harada
17:45-18:30 posters for position statements: snacks and soft drinks
18:30-19:00 wrap-up and clean-up
19:00-21:00 further discussion [by special invitation only] at Akagi Cafe:
Day 2:
March 27th
09:30-10:00 preparations / registration desk closed
10:00-11:50 session 4 moderator Jae-Woong Choe
10:00-11:00 Yoshihiro MiyakeTBA
presentation slides:
11:00-11:10 short break
11:10-11:50 Yoko FujiiA Predicate-oriented Language and Pragmatics of Ba
presentation slides:
11:50-13:20 lunch and discussion / registration desk open
13:20-15:30 session 5 moderator Scott Saft
13:20-14:00 Kishiko UenoAn Interpretation of Merging Discourse in Terms of Ba Theory
presentation slides:
14:00-14:10 short break
14:10-14:45 Naohiro TataraCommunicative Strategies in Live Football Coverage in Japanese and English: On Linguistic Behavior Used in Criticizing Others in Sports Announcer Talks
presentation slides:
14:45-15:15 coffee break / registration desk open
15:15-17:00 session 6 moderator Yasuhiro Katagiri
15:15-16:15 Gunter Senft"Control your emotions! If teasing provokes you, you've lost your face...": The Trobriand Islanders' control of their public display of emotions
presentation slides:
16:15-16:30 short break
16:30-17:00 William F. HanksTBA
17:00-17:10 Sachiko IdeClosing Remarks
presentation slides:
17:10-17:30 wrap-up and clean-up
18:30-20:30 further discussion [by special invitation only] at Khaoniao:

short biographical notes of the invited speakers, moderators, organizers and invited participants

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